Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
O. М. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv
are invited to participate

ІV International Conference



October 6-7, 2015

Presentation content focus:
  1. 1.Gender equality as a city policy component.
Gender indicators of sustainable urban development. City and gender democracy. "Political androcentrism." Women's participation in decision making. Existing "barriers" (cultural, economic, political) for females. Gender aspects of the history of jurisprudence.
Gender Mainstreaming. Gender budget: implementation principles at local government level. Gender audit of the city.
  1. 2.Safe City, The role of women in building peace and protecting women's rights.
Gender characteristics of perception of social transformations in the conditions of war and conflicts. The traditions of peacekeeping (gender perspective). The specifics of the status of women in the belligerent society. Gender-based violence.Protection and rescue of children in situations of military conflict. Women vs men in the City studies in the years of wars: past and present.
3. Gender contexts of city life.
Gender approach to shaping social policy of the city. Gender asymmetry in the everyday life of residents. Gender, Urbanization and Ecology Environment. Providing friendly urban space (for children, women). Finding ways to convert "urban landscape" in the harmonious combination of rights and opportunities for women and men to "living spaces of the city". Constructing gender identity in the context of historical transformation of cities. Gender stereotypes and cultural aspects. Training volunteersto implementgender equality.
ofO.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv
Natalya Bibik,PhD, chief of the International Relations Department of KNUUE, the Gender Centre.
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Galyna Fesenko,PhD, conference coordinator.
E-mail address: g.glicinia@gmail,com